Be an EMRINET Reseller

Are you interested in becoming our reseller?

The Mobile Marketing industry has grown rapidly over the last 7 years and this trend is set to continue as the mobile phone continues to play such a huge part in peoples live. The technology associated with the mobile is also continually advancing, with huge scope for further progress & expansion.

Resellers currently work with businesses & organizations of various sizes and industry sectors. Our core client sectors includes Insurance companies, Banks, Universities, Charities, Theatres, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Sports clubs, Recruitment, Marketing agencies, Web developers and IT companies, Government

We expect our client base to continue to grow at a rapid rate as more businesses, community groups, clubs and organisations of all sizes take advantage of this low cost, yet very results driven marketing tool.

Reseller Package Include(s)

  • A branded sms website with your company logo
  • Get a brandable Bulk SMS Reseller control panel with Your company logo, name and 1 year  hosting
  • Provision of Admin panel
  • Have your branded sms voucher/ scratch card
  • Purchasing sms at reseller’s price
  • Massive market of SMEs, clubs, charities, groups, churches, organizations and much more
  • Create unlimited clients' bulk sms accounts
  • Manage your Bulk SMS business with our new bulk SMS reseller panel
  • Automatic crediting of customer account when payment is made in your Bank account